What I like the best is the Cascades! What a beautiful sight to see the mountain range covered in snow with not a cloud in the sky. It takes more than great views to decide to live in Bend. It is the community spirit, friendliness, the desire to be helpful and the respect that is shown to all.

Bend 4th of July Pet Parade

Bend 4th of July Pet Parade

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The people of Bend are friendly and care about their community. There are hundreds of volunteers in Central Oregon which means a great deal to me. No one honks their car horns. You might hear a little beep as a reminder when you fall asleep at a light but then the person waves to you. If you hear someone beeping their car horn they don’t live here.

People will wave when you are driving down your street or most any neighborhood streets. I love the 4th of July Pet Parade! There are so many trails to hike or ride your bike and I love to kayak on the local lakes.

In what could be classified as one of the worst kept secrets in destination travel, the word is out about the unique combination of outdoor recreation and cosmopolitan sophistication that make Bend, Oregon, one of the United States’ up-and-coming leisure destinations.

Few mountain towns have had as much praise heaped on them in recent years as Bend has, a testament to the former mill town turned adventure playground that has defined itself as the mountain town that’s got it all.

But rather than tell you what we think makes Bend unique and special among mountain destinations, we’ve compiled the following selection of excerpts from recent editorial features that have appeared in some of the country’s top media outlets. From USA Today to Mountain Bike, these excerpts paint a true, objective picture of all Bend has to offer.