Hello Spring Bend Oregon March 2017

In Susan's Blog by Susan

Follow me along on my journey to re-landscape my rock garden, 13 years in the making.  My yard is a mix match of ideas from two different owners.  The first owner of our house thought of the yard as part nursery for raising  juniper seedlings and adding bunch grass throughout the entire yard with the exception of the small lawn and the rock garden. The second owner, me just did the best I could but without any true design.  I like native plants, that need little care and little water.  And I like color, I want to have something blooming from spring until fall. Then add my husband to the mix who believes even if a plant is on the brink of death or has died it still belongs in our yard because he wants to see the natural progression of nature.

I  hired Kap of Seed Landscape Design Bend who specializes in native grown plants.  I worked with Kap for several years now, referring him to real estate clients, friends and to do some light work in our yard. But this year I am designing a new front, side and back yard with Kap’s help.

When we first moved here I spend several years collecting rocks to add to the existing rocks.  I would drive out east and stop along the road and pick up rocks, throwing them in the back of my car.  Every year I added compost to the areas where there was a small layer of dirt between and over rocks.  I even had a sprinkler system added.  I tried several plants and some worked and some didn’t.  I must admit I would get  frustrated and just buy some shrubs that would fill an area but the only research I did was drive around town and see what plants looked healthy without needing much care. This system I used did not capture my personality and I was never happy with the yard.

Step 1 has just been accomplished, all the dead shrubs were removed, including some that were on the brink of death.  Some small trees and living shrubs were remove to provide more light and room for what is there now.  And some plants were removed just because I was disappointed how they looked.

Step 2  I just started.  I visited Winter Creek Nursery along with my husband to check out the plants that they have that are native to Central Oregon.  I walked through the green houses and took photographs of the signs for the plants I was interested in and then looked at some shrubs and trees. Kap suggested Winter Creek and several other nurseries for me to visit.  I’ll update you on those nurseries as I go along.  After gathering names of plants I think I would like to use I will then check out what type of area they thrive in and what months they bloom.