I Miss Bend Oregon

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Watching_WaterfallsIn a couple of days I will embark on a trip back to Southern California to see my family and friends and I’m already missing Bend and all of Central Oregon. It isn’t the hassle of traveling I have traveled many times one year even flying over 100,000 miles and 75% of that was just in California. No it isn’t the hassle it is knowing I won’t sleep well at night due to all of the noise. I’ll probably be startled by the sound of jet engines and helicopter noise from the skies above. And horns beeping and people looking at you with frustration and anger.

I’m missing Bend and I haven’t even left. After being infused with 10 incredible years of living in Central Oregon my soul is steeped with the sights, sounds and smells of this mountain high desert place I call home. I’m going to miss how people just wave when they make a mistake driving and you just waive back with a smile acknowledging that you to are not a perfect motorist either. I am going to see women with tons of makeup on and stiletto heels. Not forever grateful that it is perfectly acceptable to go out with just some lip gloss. I’m going to miss the fact that almost everywhere I go I see someone I know or a shop keeper remembers my name.

I haven’t left Bend and I already am missing my backyard filled with native plants and trees, No houses to look at only deer taking an afternoon nap while the birds slash around the bird bath and the squirrels jump from limb to limb chasing each other.

I have made an oath to my Central Oregon friends that whenever someone asks how I like living in Bend I’m going to say I hate it. Oh my how over rated it is! You see I have become one of those bridge people. You know, now that I live here it is time to pull up the draw bridge and not let anyone else in

I miss Bend and I haven’t even left.

Susan Agli, Broker
Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate
Bend, OR