Phase 2 – Landscape – The Rock

In Susan's Blog by Susan Agli

There is a spot on the front right side of my yard that I always thought a large rock would look really good.  Years have gone by and then one day I stopped at Empire Stone. My friend, another rock hound walked all over and then I saw this stone that had a shallow bowl on top that I thought that would make a perfect bird bath.  I bought a rock.  It just sounds weird doesn’t it?  My husband just shook his head when I told him about buying a rock.  While at Empire Stone the manager suggested that I visit the “bone yard”, rocks left over from jobs that I could purchase for a lot less money. They had a good assortment of rocks.

The spot where the rock will be placed is being prepared. So far I have dug out about 3 inches of soil and now I just have another 3 inches to go and that will be completed on Wednesday by Kap.

Wednesday and Thursday Kap will be staging my rock garden getting ready to plant.  Kap is going to utilize loose rock currently in my rock garden and build a natural container for top soil, compost and the plant.

To support local small business owners I have purchased plants so far from Winter Creek Gardens and Tumalo Gardens.  I plan to take my yearly trip to La Pine to L & S Gardens to pick up hardy pansies. Last year I spent a lot of money at Galveston Gardens and so this year I am going to support Moonfire by purchasing their hanging baskets. I know I will end up buying something from Galveston Gardens because I just love walking through the green houses and I always seem to find something to purchase.